Where do I begin? This may take several posts, but here goes: Six years ago, a book I co-wrote (with Edouard Kayihura) named INSIDE THE HOTEL RWANDA, was published by the wonderful folks at BenBella Books. In short, it was about the movie, HOTEL RWANDA, and how it’s “hero,” Paul Rusesabagina, was a fraud who later attempted to use his fame to “take over” Rwanda. Much of the latter part of the book was speculative and predictive. 

We were right. 

In addition to the information our book provided (none of it disputed), in the ensuing six years, Mr. Rusesabagina has become the figurehead of a rebel movement to oust the elected leadership of Rwanda from power. He has made financial contributions to armed rebels who have terrorized sectors of Rwanda, and has called for armed rebellion. 

About a week or so ago, he was finally arrested. He now awaits trial in Rwanda, primarily on the charge of terrorism. 

The press has been quoting my book and has been contacting me, including the New York Times, who did a pretty bad job on me, focusing only on the fact that my co-author worked for the Rwandan government for a short time before (which they failed to mention at all), as well as a short time after the Genocide Against the Tutsi. 

So we’re back in the news. The press continues to call, continues to reference me, Edouard, and the book, and Edouard may, in fact, be called as a witness at Rusesabagina’s trial. 

That’s big. 

You can write a lot of books, but it’s rare, rare, rare, rare that the entire world press is talking not only about your topic, but about you and your book. And as I speak, it continues.