Just did an interview on the topic of ghostwriting.  You can find it here:http://sharisax.com/2010/05/18/how-to-un-bury-the-book-youve-got-in-you/

It was for one of my social networking friends, Shari Weiss.

Knowing me as many of you do, I hope you understand that a lot of what I said was in jest.  For example, I do not make obscene gestures at ALL of my clients … just you.  I also do not work exclusively in my boxer shorts — sometimes my office gets too cold and I have to switch to sweatpants … and a t-shirt.  I actually DO enjoy ghosting fiction — specialize in it, in fact — just as long as the client appreciates the extra effort that genre takes — the inventiveness and so on.

Oh, and lastly, I hope I made it quite clear there is no higher percentage of flaky customers for ghostwriting services than there is for tire replacement, ceiling fans, or long-term care insurance.  Flakes are everywhere and if it weren’t for them, what would humorists write about?