As a writer, I get approached all the time by aspiring writers, asking me how it’s done.  I don’t mind at all.  If there’s anything at all I mind, it’s the ones who tell me how it’s done, even though they haven’t done it yet.  Or the ones who snort arrogantly and derisively at my logical and helpful answers to their questions.

As a ghostwriter, I get this even more, although it is less about them asking me questions and more about me being asked to listen to many of them proselytizing on how easy the entire publishing process is and how their book is “going to outsell the Bible and Harry Potter combined” (yes, that’s a quote I’ve heard not once, but at least three separate times in my life).

This week I saw a YouTube video that captures literally every single one of these wonderful and laughable bon mots about what it takes to become a published novelist.  Enjoy.

Click here.