Mom came down to visit the other day and came bearing gift.  It was a book.  Tip: Don’t buy a writer a book.  Everyone thinks we want books.  The trouble is, we are inundated with books, we also buy lots of books, and we have to read not always for pleasure, but often for pay.  Nonetheless, the book was written by a fine lady from back in Lantenengo County, Ione Geier, who interviewed me when THE FOURTH HOUSE first was released.  I figured if it was by Ione, I would read it.

On a strange hunch, when Mom left, I thumbed to the rear index of the book.  Lo and behold, I’M IN THE DAMN BOOK!  Got myself an entire chapter!

I went to the Table of Contents and saw Ione had grouped things together logically.  I was listed with “Local Authors.”  Lessee, there’s Conrad Richter (Pulitzer Prize), Daryl Ponicsan (my personal fave), John O’Hara (god), and … and … moi!  I’d say the honor was in simply being placed on the same august list, noting here my objection that old classmate Scott Weidensaul (Pulitzer finalist) was not on that list as well, as he is far more deserving.

The book itself is an ode to the coal region and a must for those who care.  It’s a little hard to find, as it is a special commemorative for the Pottsville Public Library.  I support public libraries completely, for as things are going in this country, they may soon disappear, only to be replaced with privatized, for-profit variations that will inevitably cease to serve those who need them most.

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