Dear Reader,

It’s a basic lesson of life—the thing we search for far and wide is sometimes right under our noses. For Dr. Jordan Matino that’s just what he learns when he goes home for Thanksgiving and falls in love with Heather, the former girl-next-door.

Their families should have been thrilled that the fatherless boy who made good came back to the Pennsylvania mining town to claim his princess. Instead, news that Jordan and Heather want to marry is met with horror. For Jordan’s mother, this is her worst nightmare come to life. And Heather’s father is furious and threatening to walk out on his family if they go through with the wedding. As the secrets from the past are unleashed on this quaint town, Jordan and Heather’s future is threatened.

With his gift for capturing the essence of small-town America, Kerry Zukus tells the compelling story of a community unraveling in this moving debut novel.

THE FOURTH HOUSE is a Madison Park Press original novel published exclusively for our book club members and not sold in stores. At Madison Park Press, we are committed to publishing quality fiction that will stay with you long after you finish the last page.


Christine Zika

Executive Editor

Madison Park Press