Okay, I’ve been getting this from everyone I know: “How do I buy the book?”

I know, I know; this is usually not such a tough question.  But yes, I have a very, very unique book deal, and one I’m quite proud of.

Initially, THE FOURTH HOUSE is ONLY available through 3 major book clubs: The Book of the Month Club, the Doubleday Book Club, and The Literary Guild.  IT IS NOT AVAILABLE IN STORES!  Not today, anyway.  Ask me again tomorrow.

First allow me to explain why I am proud of all this.  These book clubs, these MAJOR book clubs, only carry around the top 1% of all books sold; top, meaning bestsellers. Some people write all their lives and put out dozens of books and never live to see a single one selected for inclusion in these clubs.  For a first-time novelist to make it into these particular clubs is nothing short of amazing and quite humbling.

That being said, for the time being, YES, YOU MUST JOIN OR BELONG TO ONE OF THESE CLUBS IN ORDER TO BUY THE BOOK (today).

Some of you have told me that you found linking to the clubs confusing.  Allow me to be of assistance.

On almost every page of my website is a link for “how to buy.”  The most direct link is simply to go to “MY BOOKS.”  Once there, go to HOW TO BUY.  That will take you down toward the lower portion of the page.  You will see the names of the 3 book clubs highlighted.  These are called “links” (those of you who are arrogantly tech-savvy, stop laughing at your more Amish brethren).  Pick one of these links and left click on it.  You will be taken to that book club’s site.

If you already belong to the club, enter where it says “Members enter here.”  If you do not belong, you can still get inside their site by running your cursor over the box that says something on the order of, “Join today and get 5 books for $1.  Find out more,” and left clicking it.  Once inside, at the top of the page will be a search box that will say “Keyword.”  Type the name “Zukus” inside the keyword box and left click the word “Search.”  This will take you to my book.  Then add the darn book to your shopping cart and BUY IT!

This has been a public service announcement.  Many blessings upon your house.