Exciting news.  Today, the new Book of the Month Club brochures came out.  The newest releases get featured.  THIS IS MY MONTH!  Oh sweet lord, my little book is pictured right alongside Janet Evanovich, Robert Parker, Tina Brown, Danielle Steele, Nelson DeMille, and a host of other luminaries.

On the club’s website, one can sort the books by sales.  THE FOURTH HOUSE has been on sale for, oh, a couple of days now (although it still hasn’t shipped yet).  I am overjoyed to announce that I AM NOT IN LAST PLACE!  See, I don’t ask for much in life.  With a name like Zukus, you’re used to being last.  A lot.

But no, in fact, I am listed as currently outselling Vaclav Havel’s memoir.  Vaclav Havel!! Vaclav Havel is a writer/playwright/poet/political prisoner who hung out with Frank Zappa and became President of freakin’ Czechoslovakia.  Today, I’m outselling one of the coolest guys on the planet!

On the other hand, I am lagging far behind “Walter the Farting Dog”.  No, Walter is not a person; he’s not even a dog.  It’s the title of a book and it is outselling me, Danielle Steele, Nelson DeMille, and yes, even the former President of Czechoslovakia.