I write late at night. This makes me hungry which, in turn, makes me eat; the result of which, makes me fat.

Usually, any darn thing in the kitchen will do in a pinch. Lately, though, I’ve been out of certain provisions.

About twice a year I stock up on Danny’s Hot Sauce. Danny’s Hot Sauce is from Danny’s Boulevard Drive-In in Ashland, PA.

dannys boulevard drive-in.jpg

Small picture, I know. Anyway, this place is the real deal. I mean, I’ve traveled all over the county and seen faux 1950’s-style drive-ins. There is nothing faux about Danny’s. Here it is, in fact, in the ’50’s…

fifties danny boulevard drive-in.jpg

See what I mean?

Danny’s is located, from one direction, at the bottom of a steep, twisty-turny hill. Turning in to Danny’s from that direction is like trying to take a sharp turn off the tracks of a roller coaster while it is plunging downward at 100 mph. Exiting from Danny’s and heading in any direction, then, is like pulling out in front of a roller coaster plunging downward at 100 mph toward you. That, combined with the totally authentic greaser ambiance, makes this a place that could inspire a hundred teenage car wreck songs.

But enough about the place. What I crave is the hot sauce. I happen to be a sauce maven. There is little food in this world that doesn’t taste better by applying a thick layer of some sort of tasty goo. Danny’s homemade Hot Sauce is the single best burger sauce on planet earth. And right now, I’m out of it.

I go back to the coal region about twice a year and always bring some back here to Jersey. In between, when my mother comes to visit (Hi Mom!), she brings some along. If she fails to do so, I send her back for it. I’m an only child and I’m spoiled that way.

I don’t know when she’ll be coming next to visit, nor do I know when next I’ll be back in the region. But tonight I discovered that Danny’s sells their hot sauce via the Internet.


Quoting their Site: “Orders must be prepaid by check or money order. Call (570) 875-0711 or email: hotsauce@dannysdrivein.com for a price quote and shipping & handling information. ”

I wonder if they would send me a free case for this free plug?