THE FOURTH HOUSE is presently out of print.  It breaks my heart to say it, but it’s true.  Yes, there is still the “secondary market,” which is a fancy name for “used,” but outside of that, y’all can’t get a new one right now.

4th house cover small lo res.jpg

Yes, I am working on changing all that.  All of you technophiles with e-readers, let me know you’re out there and, perhaps, a downloadable e-version for Kindle and what-have-you will soon be available.  I’ll keep you posted if you keep me posted as to your interest.

Meanwhile, I was surprised to discover it can be found in exactly 88 libraries all across America.

Here’s a link where you can find them all.

Most are in places I have never been before.   It’s in three libraries in Idaho alone.  I wasn’t even aware there were three libraries in Idaho.

North Dakota’s got four of ’em.  God bless ya, North Dakota.

The Boonslick Regional Library in Missouri has a copy.  Somehow, I think it’s quite appropriate that a place called Boonslick would take a liking to life in Mountain City and Gibbsville.

Illinois’s got tons of them.  I think they must be hoarders.

And would you believe not a single library in Pennsylvania has a copy?!  I’m hurt; truly hurt.  Especially when you consider that you can borrow a copy when you’re in Haines, Alaska.

Haines, Alaska.  Everything You Dreamed Alaska Would Be (or so they advertise).  Haines, Alaska, population 2400 humans and 1897 dogs (I swear, this is true.  They brag about it).

Haines Alaska.jpg

(This is downtown Haines, Alaska.  Kinda looks a little like Ringtown, PA to me, except for the big-ass snow-covered mountain in the distance)

So for being the library farthest from Mountain City to carry a copy of my first novel, Haines, Alaska, we salute you!  Don’t go changin’.