Laugh if you must, but I swear I was one of those people who actually did buy Playboy for the articles. And when I saw a XXX flick, I even remembered the names of the actors.

Of all the women in adult entertainment, Seka was the greatest—The Platinum Princess, the Marilyn Monroe of Porn, the Queen of XXX Cinema’s Golden Age, and John Holmes’ Favorite Leading Lady. During the late seventies/early eighties era of red carpet premiers for “dirty movies”, Seka’s name was so big that her name above the title was not enough—her name had to be IN the title!

So why am I telling you this? I am pleased to announce I have just signed to collaborate with Seka on her memoir, to be titled INSIDE SEKA, after her most famous film.

The process so far has been a trip, in all the good ways. I don’t know what most people expect from porn stars in real life, but Seka is possibly the friendliest and most cooperative subject I’ve ever worked with. If she were not on vacation, I’d have her over for Thanksgiving dinner with the whole family in an instant. She even volunteered to be my date to my class reunion on Saturday night, but that would blow far too many minds—which is exactly why she offered. Her sense of humor is as wild as mine.

The book will be great. Seka breaks so very many molds. She was never a victim—on-screen or off. This is no tale of childhood sexual abuse causing self-destructive confusion in later life. Never controlled or imprisoned by any man; Seka was always her own boss. A savvy businesswoman, she was the first to copyright and own her screen name, and own the negatives of her photographic work. She took her job seriously, painstakingly taking elocution lessons to cover her backwoods Virginia accent. She fought for years to attain rights to certain films or block distribution of others. She made legal history by using the RICO Act to extract justice against a crooked business manager.

Seka was the last of the post-Pill/pre-AIDS era porn stars, reveling in the good times of “if it feels good, do it” when such a national attitude towards sex was the vanguard and Seka symbolized it. When AIDS ravaged the industry and the nation, she voluntarily retired, playing the game on her own terms.

Seka was post-feminist before the term was born. She became the unflinching, intelligent voice of the adult industry, appearing regularly on shows like Larry King Live, Donohue, Oprah, and many, many more, never apologizing for her career choices—affirming they had always been her choices. Decades since her last film, she is still regarded as one of the top ten most popular and famous porn stars ever. She is the last of the natural beauties, standing tall in comparison to the silicon-breasted, nipped-and-tucked clone girls of today whose names are forgotten a year after they have debuted.

Seka is a Betty Page-like mystification, a star who always said what was on her mind, yet forever left the public wanting for more. In the book INSIDE SEKA, more is exactly what you will get.

inside seka small picture.jpg

For a taste of her great sense of humor, tune in to Seka’s appearance on comedian Dave Attell’s “Dave’s Old Porn” on Showtime TV. Also visit and follow her on Twitter @Seka1954. TV Schedule:

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