I lived in Boston for eight glorious years. Had to be dragged kicking and screaming from the place, I loved it so.

At least a thousand times I passed by a virtual castle: The Harvard Club on Commonwealth Avenue, right next to the now-defunct Eliot Lounge, the marathoner’s world capital. Out front, a crimson flag flew over massive doors no commoner could breach.

I would work for a time in Harvard Square. I got my Masters from Harvard (in mixology, from their adult education program which, unfortunately, does not grant me special Harvard privileges). I did shows at Harvard. I even sent both my sons to Harvard summer school programs. Yet none of these things could ever, would ever, get me past those imposing castle doors.

That is until a few weeks ago, when I joined my pal Dr. Skip Sviokla as he did a marvelous presentation there in honor of the release of his book (which I co-authored), entitled, “From Harvard to Hell and Back” (Central Recovery Press — buy it now at your local bookstore or order it on amazon.com or bn.com).

From Harvard To Hell And Back.jpg

Skip & Kerry Harvard Club.jpg

Skip and Me

What a place! Well worth the wait. Even my youngest son, who graduated from Princeton and joined me at the Harvard Club event, had to say, “This puts the Princeton Club of New York to shame.”

staircase in Harvard Club.jpg

Harvard Club dining room.jpg

And the best part was sitting around the joint looking like I belonged. Thanks, Skip, for making me feel like an Ivy Leaguer. Now let’s see if my Princeton Tigers kick some Crimson ass in football this Saturday.