Just got a call from the wonderful folks at the Lazy Dog Coffeehouse in beautiful downtown Minersville, PA.  As you can see from the opening page of this website, autographed copies of THE FOURTH HOUSE have been for sale there since early November, and apparently they recently sold out (thank you, thank you, thank you).

Problem: It seems the last few copies they had flew out the door over the last few days and as I speak, the cupboard is bare.  In fact, a few folks may have called or came in and were turned away without their names and contact information having been taken down. sad face baby

(All I want for Christmas is THE FOURTH HOUSE and a clean diaper)

But fear not.  More copies are on their way even as I speak, will be there no later than Christmas Eve, and everyone at the Lazy Dog has been instructed to take orders.  The Dog will be open every day except Christmas, so you can purchase copies as Christmas or Hanuka presents.  Also, since I myself will be coming back to Lantenengo County for Christmas (and the last few days of Hanuka), I will be dropping by the place and can even personalize your book in more detail than simply placing my John Hancock upon it (you must compose your own dirty limericks; I only know the old classics).

So thank you for the sales, thank you for the orders, and I hope you all have a very Happy Holiday season with lots of boilo and kilbo.

Peace On Earth,